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WE FIND we learn more by working out loud!


GENIE helps people work better, together, offering tools and processes that help you get your own work done, as well as connect with and draw on work from other projects.

Member owned, operated and funded, we work for the good of the Gorge.

Join at any level. You decide what membership is worth to you.

Any member can also apply for a GENIE-hosted donation page to develop transparent funding for a community project. Discover how you can work with us!

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Members have the option of creating y/our GENIE by setting up our tools in a way that lets you do your own work, better.


Let us know what engages you, how you'd like to see the Gorge grow!


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If you live in the Gorge, you'll find value in this network. Our membership requirement is that you accept our deep gratitude. Join us to support the map and other tools for the good of Gorge communities.

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GENIE offers great benefits to sponsoring organizations. Check out the options, and feel free to get in touch if you have questions. Curious about ways to use the map for your organization? Let us know!


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We are a community-funded collective, a network of your friends, neighbors and other Gorge citizens working for the good of local organizations and communities throughout the Gorge.