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The Gorge network map

We support a dynamic, useful and engaging community resource: a Gorge-wide network map. This interactive tool is currently in very early stages of development. Our 2018 Mapping the Gorge events are structured to help create a useful map.

Genie Collaborative events

We host a variety of events to support alignment and collective impact in the Gorge. Want us to host your event? Have an idea for a topic that would be valuable for the Gorge to come together on? That's what our events are designed to do. After the event we harvest the information that stood out to us and use it to make the map more relevant to the lives of all sorts of people in the Gorge. We also give a report to attendees and post it on our blog.


Community health impacts


FOod Security Network


Drug Prevention in the GOrge



Future project AREAs

We have heard considerable interest in education, attainable housing and transportation in the Gorge, but are not currently working on these as active projects. We work based on community momentum and interest of relevant local partner organizations, and work to find collaborative funding to get them off the ground, so do get involved if these things, or others not mentioned here, are your passion.

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Combining maps and events

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