uniting gorge communities

We connect people and ideas with actions to impact the things that matter most to citizens and organizations in the Gorge. We are currently planning our our inaugural 2018 ‘Explore the Gorge’ series: Mapping the Gorge. ‘Our common table’ community conversations are held on demand. People attending these initial events have the unique opportunity to help shape its early use and functionalities.



Mapping the gorge

Our 2018 inaugural 'Explore the Gorge' series theme is 'Mapping the Gorge'. These events are designed to offer a whole-system view of our Columbia River Gorge communities. They will inform the structure of the Gorge Network Map, a collectively created research and marketing tool, and so make it useful for addressing key needs. What do you hope the map might show you? Conversations and activities during these events will be focused around the future of the Gorge in our five identified areas of community wellbeing.


Our common table

Come meet your Gorge neighbors and listen in a new way. Participants read an essay or two about topics that impact lives across our communities ahead of the event. We then host a casual gathering to share our stories on the topic, listen to each other reflect on those narratives, and enjoy a common table. These events are scheduled on demand. Please let us know if you have a particular topic you’d like to explore, or would like to participate in or host an event.


Learning conversations

GENIE has a full toolbox of facilitation possibilities that help our many kinds of events be successful. Want us to help with your event? We offer both business services and community support for events that aim at a more resilient future for our Gorge.

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Annual Advancement Summit

Our annual Columbia Gorge Advancement Summit is a collaborative event in partnership with CultureSeed and Klickitat Advocacy. We bring together engaged leaders in the Gorge to explore broad level coordination and key outcomes. We send out early notice to our newsletter subscribers, and publish summaries on our blog.


Event Listings

Find details on events as they are scheduled.