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Our maps are not based on some abstract theory about how a community should work. Rather, we ground them in what we hear from real people doing effective work throughout Gorge. We use outcomes and indicators local community organizations and businesses care about to structure the Gorge network map and make it useful to efforts throughout our communities.


Current Gorge mapS

As our collection grows, we anticipate a map library for different areas of community needs. When we have that, we'll add a link here. For now, in our first year, we invite you to explore the maps among our current projects.

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Adding to the map

To add a project, organization or outcome you care about to the map, get in touch with us. We're developing software to allow businesses and organizations to add themselves, and to update their information as needed.

Many hands make light work!


our mapping database

The database informing this map is maintained by GENIE as a public resource of open data. As GENIE matures, we hope to partner with other open data orgs to bring GENIE to other communities.

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