The Gorge Network

(Our demo map is currently in beta. It won't work the ways you hope it will. Yet...)


If you'd rather wait for a more usable map... more here on how Gorge GENIE works,

...or here on potential uses of the map.

If you find this early version of the map interesting,...

...dive in for the full Kumu experience!

(And please, if you are one of the few who click that ^ link... our mapper to schedule a chat!)

Suggest a change to the map

Allowing the map to be edited directly, so that each organization can keep their own node updated, is in the works. In the meantime, just get in touch if you have changes you'd like to see!

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Discover how to use YOUR map

This map is rich in data, and has a 'choose your own adventure' feel. However, individual organizations can use small selections of the map to aid as they showcase their efforts and effectiveness.

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