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Our projects

GENIE's Gorge-wide network map project is the primary community resource we maintain. Our events support both gathering information relevant to our map and expanding possibilities for people working towards a more resilient future in the Gorge. However, building a map for the whole Gorge - one useful for everyone - is an impossible task to do all at once. So, we are building the Gorge network map by starting in specific project areas, finding local partners with both data to share and a desire to gain insight into the impacts they have. We also listen to people at our events and work to find collaborative funding for areas of strong community need.



We host mapping events, and offer community conversations, an annual summit and more. We look forward to meeting you!


Learn about how we build the Gorge maps, what our current projects are, and how to use our maps for your own work.

Our maps and community events allow us to explore and expand our understanding of the rich networks in the Gorge. Early participants will make the main network map useful to their needs.

See what we're building

See what we're building

Explore Current Projects

All of our current projects are collaborative efforts. Take a look at the variety of activities we are looking at and ask: How might these coordinated efforts help you make a difference?

Let us know about your project

Let us know about your project

Start a new project

Passionate about a community project area not yet in action? That's why we are here! We can help you set up your own project, complete with a page for contributions.


Our Services

Want to use the map for your organization? We can help. See what your own strategic network leverage points are, and learn to use the map to affect things you care about.