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  1. Join GENIE! We are an open collective: A group of people with a shared mission that operates in full transparency. You decide what your membership is worth to you. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter. We keep them short and helpful!
  2. Hop into our community chat room: Discover the freedom of working with a team of GENIEs. We help people self-organize, find collaboration on their own work, and use the network map. We learn faster, together.
  3. Find a project: Join projects that help you get done what you'd like to see in the Gorge. Or, just explore what we're doing and learn tools and processes of effective collaboration. We're here to make it easier for you to work with others.
  4. Start a project: Any GENIE member can propose a project and either apply for direct funding, or use GENIE's contribution functions to start your own campaign.
  5. Help shape GENIE: All members have a voice, and a vote. We work hard to create teams that are fun, fair and flexible. If you'd like to be part of a project, or the core team, let us know!

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Custom views of our network map are available to help you tell your story. If you would like to explore using a view of the map for your website or newsletter, fill out the form below and the GENIE team will get back to you.

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